Irving’s eldest son, Max Layton, interviewed by John Herbert Cunningham on CKUW Speaking of Poets, April 1st, 2012:


Max Layton reading his father’s poem “The Swimmer” (Link will download the .wmv file)

TVO Archive video 1989 – “The Letters of Irving Layton”

NFB feature documentary 1986 – “Poet: Irving Layton Observed”

CBC RetroBites 1979 interview – “Irving Layton: Prophet”

CBC Archives 1978 interview on 90 Minutes Live with Peter Gzowski – “Irving Layton: Poet physician”

Irving speaks at the Jewish Public Library in 1976, on the occasion of the publication of his book For My Brother Jesus:


Layton, Irving. A Wild Peculiar Joy (sound recording). Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, 1990.

Three National Film Board of Canada videos have been made under the titles
Irving Layton: An Introduction (1986, 27 min),
Poet: Irving Layton Observed (1986, 52 min),
A Tall Man Executes a Jig (1986, 26 min),
Toronto: The National Film Board. Director: Donald Winkler.
These films were broadcast on Book TV and Bravo and can be obtained through your local library.

Canadian Poets on Tape (sound recording). Toronto: OISE Press, 1970-1986. The Canadian Poetry Association sells CDs of these recordings.

Layton Reads Layton: The poetry of Irving Layton as read by the poet himself.
Recorded live @ the Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Public Library. November 10, 1981. Recorded by Satalite Sound, 28 1/2 North Street, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, P6A 1M7. Manufactured by Astro Custom Records, 510 Coronation Drive, Unit 21, West Hill, Ontario, M1E 4X6. Producer: Karley Productions.

To A Very Old Woman (video recording). Calgary: ACCESS Alberta, 1974.

Birney, Earle and Irving Layton. Earle Toppings Ed. (sound recording). Scarborough, Ont.: Van Nostrand Reinhold for The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, 1971.


Many recordings can be accessed through various holdings at the University of Toronto and Concordia University Archives.